Those who receive concierge care are able to interact with a highly attentive staff in an accommodating office atmosphere. They have easy and direct contact to their doctor whether they are well or ill. And their doctor is very familiar with all previous and current health care that is being applied; in fact, he often arranges it.

As a member of Dr. Levine’s concierge medical practice, your experience will be expedited to see your doctor and other health care professionals, which is particularly beneficial to busy young professionals and baby boomers. There is no such thing as ‘after hours’ for Dr. Levine. If you call when he is not in the office, you will be linked to his private cell phone after a 20-second message. You can also call him directly on his cell phone, the number of which is provided to all new members.

The office is dedicated to helping you receive the most efficient and economical health care. Therefore, whether you’re meeting with specialists or seeking low-cost alternatives to medications, lab work or imaging, we will help you locate the most cost-effective options. Sometimes these savings have nearly paid for the yearly membership fee!