May this note find you safe and well.

As we usher forth the Holiday Season and New Year, I remind myself that the times we find ourselves in, has no Owner’s Manual. Instead, it is being written on a day by day basis.

That being said we must be cognizant of our ongoing health and wellbeing. The prevention and early detection of illness may seem inconsequential in our busy lives but is actually the cornerstone of a life well lived. During these trying times we must remain free of contractible disease while at the same time showing  diligence for our routine health maintenance.

Here are some Current Issues that are good to keep in mind;

  • Continue to Stay Safe. If you are, and have been, well please continue to do the things you do as you are. Do not deviate from tried and true practices. Be proud of yourself, as slow and steady wins this game. Masks – Distance – Hygiene have not gone out of style.
  • I recommend vaccinations. COVID 19 booster vaccinations are currently being used for older adults with chronic illnesses and for individuals with major immune conditions such as those undergoing cancer therapy, transplant patients, those on high dose corticosteroid therapy and those with no spleen to name some groups.
  • Your immune response to the COVID 19 vaccinations can be assessed by a simple office lab draw. If you are unaware and interested in your status you may set up an appointment.
  • Flu vaccination for the 2021-22 Flu season has begun.  Please call the office and make an appointment for yours.

REMEMBER to keep at least 2-3 weeks between getting any COVID 19 booster and your yearly flu shot. That rule also goes for any other non emergent vaccines such as PneumoVac (community acquired pneumonia) or Shingrix (the shingles). If you have never had the chicken pox you should avoid the shingles booster shots and discuss it with your Doctor first.

  • IF in the event you feel the need to get tested for exposure to corona virus here is a list of current testing sites to choose from locally:

  • IF you test positive contact my office immediately for coordination of monoclonal antibody therapy to help block the virus. The antibodies are routinely given within the ten day window from the date of the first symptom. Given the scheduling of administration, that window must be respected, so waste no time in notification.


In terms of Health Maintenance:

  • The basic rules of good nutrition, stress reduction and good sleep reign supreme. Productive relaxed free time enhances all three.
  • We are, what we eat. Simple changes in our dietary habits can have a profound effect on our physiology and wellbeing. Each individual is unique in their needs and the approach to the improved sense of wellness achieved. I have extensive knowledge and a plethora of information on topics in the medical literature studied and utilized for achieving those means. Some patients are already enjoying the benefits. By questioning long time uses or habits and implementing simple changes in a stepwise fashion, results can be seen in a relatively short time.

On a lighter and very interesting note:  Methylation

Methylation is a necessary biochemical reaction that takes place in the liver when we absorb foods we eat. It also occurs throughout our bodies to assure that needed substances make it to the level of the tissues It is crucial for the absorption and utilization for the B complex of vitamins. A positive effect is exerted on neurotransmitter production, fat metabolism, cardiovascular health, as well as detoxification and cellular energy production to name a few.

Interestingly noted is, about 60% of people genetically lack some, or all, of the enzyme MTHFR that allows the B12, folate and other crucial members of the B Complex to be effectively methylated and thereby used  by our bodies. A simple office lab test can determine a person’s status. It can be helpful to assure the replacement is a methylated format.


Many people take over the counter supplements based on the gathered knowledge available. There is no doubt vitamins and minerals help maintain the biochemistry of the human body. Each individual is just that however, individual. One does not know exactly what he or she actually needs. The products are numerous from numerous sources. There is however an organized fashion to determine the basic needs of a patient. It requires analysis and discussion. Certain products do get close scrutiny for certification with the National Sanitation Foundation International NSF. I welcome the discussion with my patients. Much is being examined as to effects of the corona virus and modalities for maintaining a healthy organism. Not all advice is pertinent to all readers.

 I found this fact sheet of interest with the caveats below:

Changing our diets can have a beneficial effect on our microbiome. The average probiotic supplement only has about five of the thousands of species of beneficial bacteria found in the human gut. Since we do not know our group of bacteria without testing, discussing it with the doctor first can be beneficial. In addition, the B complex must be respected as discussed above. Supplements should be avoided in patients undergoing cancer therapy unless prescribed by their treating doctor. All patients should make sure their provider has a full list of supplements, prescription medications and over the counter medications being taken, as there can be many adverse interactions between them. For their safety, all patients must discuss this directly with their medical provider.

If you have any questions, please contact me directly.

Wishing You & Yours Well!