During this period of social distancing, prospective new patients may call for a Telehealth or Phone Meet & Greet with the Doctor.
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With concierge services, patients receive personalized medical care through one appointed, dedicated doctor who is familiar with their medical history and unique health goals. By becoming a member, you interact with your private physician, without all the layers of interference found at a more impersonal multi-partner practice. You receive more one-on-one time with your doctor, enhancing communication and improving your overall quality of health care.

Although spouses are considered individual patients, dependent children from 18-26 years of age are able to be seen as a benefit of your family membership. As a courtesy to members, visiting family and friends can be accommodated in the event they require care. A fee for service will be applied where appropriate.

Membership fees in a retainer-based medical practice can often be deducted as medical expenses, and may be a reimbursable in a Flexible Savings Plan or Health Savings Account. Please consult with your accountant to learn how medical membership fees relate to your individual situation.

An appropriate office fee will be charged in the event of a high deductible or no insurance. In addition, assistance getting economical lab and imaging tests is one of the many benefits of membership.

Medicare is accepted and submitted. All PPO insurance plans are accepted. For PPO members, reimbursement fees are applied as payment in full for each visit; a nominal visit fee applies.

If Dr. Levine is unavailable for any reason, coverage will be provided by an available board-certified physician who is fully knowledgeable of your care, as well as, by his attentive office staff.

Dr. Levine limits his practice to a maximum of 250 patients. By doing so, he is able to offer unhurried, thorough medical care to all members. Within this capacity, new patients are accepted on a regular, ongoing basis throughout the year.

Membership fees allow for the many direct advantages of highly personalized and state-of-the-art medical care. You will not be given a run-around with forms, or suffer several appointments with rotating, unfamiliar faces. You will always meet directly with Dr. Levine, your own private doctor and health care advocate. Dr. Levine is a board-certified physician who has spent more than two decades practicing clinical medical care. He is on staff at three local hospitals, and is a Fellow in the American College of Physicians. As a member, he will personally oversee your medical care, whether you are in need of special medications, visiting a hospital or seeking help from an outside specialist and ensure that you are receiving the care that is most beneficial to you.

There is an economical annual fee for membership. Flexible payment plans are available. Please discuss your particular situation with the Concierge Coordinator.

Those who receive concierge care are able to interact with a highly attentive staff in an accommodating office atmosphere. They have easy and direct contact to their doctor whether they are well or ill. And their doctor is very familiar with all previous and current health care that is being applied; in fact, he often arranges it.

As a member of Dr. Levine’s concierge medical practice, your experience will be expedited to see your doctor and other health care professionals, which is particularly beneficial to busy young professionals and baby boomers. There is no such thing as ‘after hours’ for Dr. Levine. If you call when he is not in the office, you will be linked to his private cell phone after a 20-second message. You can also call him directly on his cell phone, the number of which is provided to all new members.

The office is dedicated to helping you receive the most efficient and economical health care. Therefore, whether you’re meeting with specialists or seeking low-cost alternatives to medications, lab work or imaging, we will help you locate the most cost-effective options. Sometimes these savings have nearly paid for the yearly membership fee!