Throughout 20 years of clinical practice, Dr. Levine witnessed a profound change in the doctor-patient relationship. He noticed that many patients were not receiving the personalized care they needed to ultimately experience best health; in return, many patients did not feel they could have a trusting relationship with their primary physician. This prompted his desire to alter his own mode of medical practice. A smaller concierge doctor practice grants Dr. Levine more time to devote to his patients on an individual basis. A closer relationship between doctor and patient allows them to build a familiar and trusting relationship, improving overall health care.

By offering retainer concierge services, Dr. Levine is able to best accommodate the needs and preferences of annual members. Enhanced communication and a closer personal relationship allow him to provide the best possible care to all patients.

You don’t need several exceptional doctors to oversee your good health. You need one exceptional doctor. With concierge treatment, members benefit from receiving Dr. Levine’s one-on-one care. Rather than getting lost in the shuffle of a large, company-owned practice—where your health is often treated as a business commodity—Dr. Levine’s patients will discover many advantages of joining a smaller, privately owned practice. Only 300 members may enroll at one given time, so that they can each receive unhurried, individualized care.

As your private physician, Dr. Levine is able to familiarize with your history and health goals and can offer highly personalized services. He gets to know each of his patients extremely well, opening channels of communication through which members can express their desired health goals and receive caring responses.

Annual membership connects members to consistent medical vigilance. Dr. Levine also believes that you shouldn’t need to wait until you aren’t well to receive attentive care from a qualified physician. With concierge services, you have ongoing care from a doctor who is personally involved in your progressive health. Prevention and early detection of disease are a large part of Dr. Levine’s practice, and members benefit from a proactive approach to medical care.

Concierge benefits are available any time, any day, anywhere in the world. When you require the care of a national center of excellence, either locally or nationally, Dr. Levine will contact the hospital and specialists and personally discuss your needs. As an active staff member of Boca Raton Regional Hospital, Delray Medical Center and West Boca Medical Center, Dr. Levine has confidential access to your local treatment. In other cases he will always avail himself to consult on your behalf and assist your care as he would be able. In one memorable situation, Dr. Levine guided patient care via Internet for a member in the infirmary of the Queen Elizabeth II cruise ship off the Fiji Islands.

Most importantly, Dr. Levine understands that cost-effectiveness is a critical component to healthcare. Paying one low annual rate avails personalized treatment to all members throughout the year. Dr. Levine’s office troubleshoots with insurance providers and drug coverage companies so that members will be able to better understand and afford the medicine and healthcare services they require.