Resilience –  the capability to adjust to misfortune or change

All of us have had the shared experience of the last two and one half years. Change brought on by a once in a multi-generational timespan, biological event, that has occurred intermittently for millennia. Together we have weathered that adversity with the support of the development of therapies, cures and preventive practices to help us survive. We have shown resilience.

Much is spoken of wellness. Most choose it over illness. We have all heard of the Mind-Body connection, the concept that how we think can beneficially, or adversely, affect our general health. Healing encompasses both.

Oft times we employ seemingly contradictory terms to describe things and concepts. Some examples are “driving on a parkway”; or say, “parking in a driveway”. Another example is the term “fruits and vegetables”. It is similar, in that, a healthy diet suggests 3-4 times more servings of vegetables than fruits. A plant based diet should be just that, and does not exclude animal products, as does the choice of a vegan or vegetarian diet.

The Mind-Body connection can thusly be considered in a similar fashion. The mind resides in the organ, the brain, one of the organ systems of the body. The circulatory, respiratory, digestive and excretory systems of the body join the central and peripheral nervous system in the health of our body. We live in our town and community, but we basically live solely… in our body.

Care of the Body

Good nutrition, individualized physical activity, good sleep hygiene and routine medical and gynecological check-ups help us maintain our general health and promote healthy longevity.

Many cancers can be treated and controlled if found early.

A plant based diet is the healthiest approach. We are not completely what we eat, but moreso what we feed our intestinal bacteria. These are predominantly healthy bacteria that help us maintain good health. We need them. They are our personal microbiome. They feed on plants. Plants are soluble fiber we get through eating a plant based diet. A balanced diet can be attained by discussing your specific needs with your Doctor or Nutritionist.

Physical activity is paramount. It varies depending on the individual. Moderate physical activity includes walking, starting at 2.5 mph, gardening, water aerobics, doubles tennis and safe biking. The ideal aerobic workout benefits occur by doing so for 40-50 minute periods, 3 times weekly. Individualized resistance exercise including weights, yoga and pilates, twice weekly, compliments aerobic activity and helps convert fat tissue to muscle.

Sleep hygiene is the key to good restful sleep. It is described as the activities one does while preparing for and maintaining sleep daily. What are the activities done during the 3 hours prior to retiring? Reducing stimulating activities which create increased brain activity may interfere with adequate sleep. Watching TV or reading technical and over involved materials causes increased brain activity. Relaxing habits such as reducing visual stimulation by computer, TV or phone screens are helpful. Reading relaxing topics distracts the brain and can improve sleep initiation. Medical conditions such as frequent urination or breathing difficulties from sleep apnea, gastric reflux and some cardiac conditions must be brought to the attention of your doctor.


Care of the Mind

“Larry, I have a problem with my brain, but you have a problem with your mind”

Michael J Fox to Larry David     Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 8   Episode 10

The brain is an incredible organ which includes the central nervous system, including vision and hearing and the peripheral nervous system which controls all our bodily systems in concert. The Mind Body connection is based in brain health. Taking care of the body promotes organ health and brain health is extremely important. Our genetics dictate a good amount about our brain health and there are a number of ways we can assist in our daily life. As good information is found in many places, I found the June 2022 Consumer Reports to be a most timely edition including this article:



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