I hope this note finds you all safe and well.

As the country continues through Phase One reopening, the virus is completing its’ own Phase One and entering into its’ own Phase Two here in the northern hemisphere. March 15th through June 15th this year was the first local 90 day period of our encounter with this brand new virus. The next 90 day period is summer in the northern hemisphere, a time for relaxation. The fall into winter period is typically flu season and we must remain vigilant that although we may be getting a bit of a break, we must remain aware of our health and safety until this pandemic goes from historic to history book.

The office will be opening on a safe basis starting this coming week of June 15th. All safeguards, in conjunction with CDC recommendations, have and will continued to be in place, and utilized for our mutual safety.

  • Call the office if you desire an appointment. In office visits are being scheduled with social distancing in mind. If a Telehealth visit is preferred they remain available.
  • You will be asked to be seen on a one to one basis with the doctor, unless direct assistance is a pure necessity.
  • Upon arrival to the building, you will be asked to call the office first, and then come up. You will be met at the front door by the courteous staff. The door will be locked, as Walk Ins will not be allowed. It is preferable you travel as lightly as possible and leave large items safely stored elsewhere.
  • MASKS will be MANDATORY. We all will be masked, as it is the easiest way to assure your safety.
  • Our masked staff will accompany you directly to the exam room. There is a hands free Purell dispenser en route as needed. Your vital signs will be taken.
  • The doctor will visit with you and examine you. Pre visit medication reviews are planned.
  • Any lab work or EKGs will be performed in the same room.
  • Upon completion of the exam you will be ushered to the front door. All paperwork and billing will be done over the phone. As part of the visit, extended conversations with the doctor can be continued by phone or Telehealth the same day.

If we utilize this period between now and late September to organize all our outpatient care, routine screens and follow up visits, we will be better equipped to deal with whatever “flu season” may have in store this year. Lest we forget, history shows us the 1918 pandemic began in March of that year as well, followed by a second occurrence between September and the following March.

That being said, influenza vaccine has already been ordered for the fall.

It is a four virus strain vaccine (quadrivalent) for this year. The hi dose, double dose vaccine is advised for those over 65 years of age.

You should make sure you set up an appointment for your seasonal influenza vaccine at the earliest date.  Optimum timing for seasonal influenza vaccination begins early October.

In addition, if you are aware of any friends or family, interested in comprehensive preventive medical care you have come to know and trust, your referrals will be well received. In this period of social distancing any interested party may have a Meet & Greet by Telehealth with pre visit record review and history taking, to allow for the most safe and efficient establishment of medical care.

In closing, I wish you and all yours continued safety and good health. I found this recent article to be a good primer in keeping us healthy over the next 3-9 months. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/09/well/live/coronavirus-rules-pandemic-infection-prevention.html  

Be Well,