This year it is especially important to consider vaccinations.

The most important ones available being influenza and pneumonia. As we continue to follow personal public health advice it behooves us to consider the basics.

The seasonal influenza vaccine is a mix of the most prevalent strains followed over the year that present the greatest risk of getting the flu. The reason we get vaccinated is to reduce our risk of, and prevent the, severe outcomes of the infection that can lead to hospitalization and or death.

This season the vaccine is a formulation of the prevalent known subtypes each Influenza A and Influenza B. It is a Quadrivalent Vaccine (two types of Influenza A and two of Influenza B, ie four types). The majority of the vaccines given are inactivated viral particles. They stimulate our immune system to develop antibodies so that we are better equipped to fight off the flu. Timing of the vaccine is important as we want our immune system to have the maximal response at the time of maximal flu prevalence in the community. This is usually from the late fall into winter.

Schedule your appointment now for the flu vaccination, in the safety of our office, as supplies are limited.

The pneumonia vaccine PneumoVac is a onetime vaccine given at 65 years of age to the general population. It protects us from community acquired pneumonia caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae. It does not assure one will not get pneumonia, but in the case one does, it is usually much easier to treat and usually does not require hospitalization. Individuals with chronic medical problems such as diabetes, heart or kidney disease are well advised to get one prior to 65 years of age.

Vaccination for corona virus is still in the process of development and better information will be available when it is ready for general distribution. In the meantime, avoiding crowding, wearing a mask and practicing good 20 second handwashing is a good start to avoiding a bad situation.  

On a lighter note…

Maintaining good health is always in style. Much interest has been shown in our Family History. Many seek to know of their anthropological origins or ancestry. In regards to your health, that is defined as the prevalence of certain conditions in a person’s lineage, a Medical Ancestry, one might say. The predisposition of certain conditions can be modified in a number of ways. Tools are available to be able to assist in personalizing one’s Medical Ancestry.

It is well known science that Lifestyle, Nutrition and Genomics go hand in hand for optimum health. Research and the need for populations to change behavior for health are now joined in better methods and availability of tools than ever before. The personalization of individual medical care can lead to improved outcomes and health.

Let’s start by obtaining your Family History. Try building yours with these forms:




I continue to offer Lifestyle, Nutrition and Genomic assessment as part of your membership. Many of my existing patients have already benefited from their Personalized assessment.

Genomics is the study of the presence and function of individual genetic makeup. Pharmacogenomic testing in available in a highly specific fashion that gives personalized information to the patient on how they metabolize medications and nutrients. The knowledge attained through this analysis is graphic in having the patient understand how better to care for their unique physiology. The benefit of these approaches in controlling and avoiding chronic illnesses is well documented in the world literature. Please schedule a specific visit with me to discuss how this personalization of your ongoing health status will continue to keep you well. I would especially like to thank my patients for their continued confidence in my care for them. Your referrals to my care are greatly appreciated. Be Well,